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Vanessa Ricci Thoda is a writer of fiction and fantasy novels. Her business, Thodes Tool Literary Services, provides editing and mentoring services to fiction writers and has allowed her to hone her skills and push beyond the boundaries of her imagination.

dragon whisperer by thodeVanessa has always been an avid reader and took up writing very early on in life. After completing her first novel, when she was eighteen, Vanessa has since written eight speculative fiction novels with the first published being Dragon Whisperer, a fantasy novel. Get details about her book on her website, http://www.thodestool.com.

Vanessa will be at the G33K Art Show from Nov 22 to 24. If you are a dragon or book fan, this will be something you don’t want to miss.

Don’t forget she is also a trained editor, so if you’re in the midst of writing your next great piece, she is a gal who can help perfect it!

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