A table for two with Khii Korp and Varathane Inc.

Ally Rom Colthoff, Varethane, is an artist/ storyteller who creates worlds that take you away. Her first, a mini comic called Adventures, is a creative 24 page comedy that was sketched out and then lightboxed onto sheets of 9×12″ bristol paper with a crow-quill dip pen, then toned with mechanical pencil.  Between comics, graphic novels, mini comics and more recently animation, Ally is up for any challenge.

Get a glimpse of her work on her website.

Kim Flynn, the artist behind Khii Korp, is an aspiring illustrator is the creator of some pretty detailed fantasy/sci-fi prints, comics and pins.  Her largest portfolio is in Fantasy which are illustrations which are brought to life with acrylics and Photoshop.

Catch more of her work on her website and be sure to meet them both at the G33k Art Show!


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2 comments on “A table for two with Khii Korp and Varathane Inc.
  1. Erin says:

    Alas neither of the artist’s website links work.

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