What is Altekrea?

ALTEKREA celebrates the artistic excellence of comic, sci-fi, fantasy, animation and other alternative branches. Our aim is provide professional and development opportunities to emerging artists through showcase, networking events, workshop and reviews.

With the rising interest in classic “geek” culture in the mainstream audience, the show wishes to continue bridging the gap between popular culture communities, and also share the original and independent works of new creators.

Finally, ALTEKREA seeks to increase exposure and offer support for the independent community for the artists of this counterculture.

The Story

THE G33K ART SHOW was started out of a question: Why is it so hard for comic artists to apply and receive grants from arts foundations? Artistic expression has been segregated into niches that recognize certain forms as “art”, while certain others are dismissed, or neatly categorized as “geek culture”, leaving the creators to secure their own resources.

However, the benefits that these communities could have for each other are tremendous. There are more interconnections than we realize, and bridging the gap could promise new partnerships between all industries. The show also offers the chance for the audience to become involved with the artists through volunteer opportunities, which develop new networks and also mentorship possibilities.



December 2011 – Inaugural

  • THE G33K ART SHOW was mounted at The Kaufman Arts Studio in Kitchener
  • Hosted 13 artists and 4 musicians over the weekend
  • Approximately 200-300 attendees – black box studio near capacity during peak periods
  • The event was covered by The Record, SNAP and Rogers Daytime

November 2012 – Rapid Growth

  • THE G33K ART SHOW 2012 hosted 16 artists, 4 musicians, 4 retailers, 3 guests and 1 speaker.
  • Approximately 800 attendees
  • City of Kitchener came on as a sponsored partner
  • Guest artists included local Schuster Award Winning artist Scott Chantler, Adrian Alphona (Marvel) and Hugh Rookwood (Dark Horse, Marvel).
  • Special speaker included Professor J. Andrew Deman – “Geek Culture Unraveled, and Exploring Other Worlds”
  • Workshop by Scott Chantler – “WHAT to Draw, not HOW to Draw” on both days
  • Hosted a writing and promotional space for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) local writers, showcasing literature in sci-fi/fantasy/etc. genres
  • Nominated for “Best New Festival/Event” at Arts Awards Waterloo Region
  • Event covered by The Record, SNAP, Rogers Daytime, CTV and multiple radio shows and independent newspapers

November 2013 – Growth

Photo - Duncan Clemens

Photo – Duncan Clemens

  • THE G33K ART SHOW 2012 hosted 29 artists, 8 musicians, 6 guests, 1 speaker and 1 college
  • Approximately 1400 attendees
  • Multiple sponsors and partners, including City of Kitchener, Walper Hotel, The MUSEUM and Agree Realty – full list available on website
  • New opening night gala – Kill Shakespeare live voice cast reading featuring aerial circus performance
  • New Saturday night after party and Sunday brunch
  • Special guests – Scott Chantler (Two Generals), Ian Herring (Cyborg 009), Hugh Rookwood (Apocalypse 4) , Adrian Alphona, Kent Burles (Star Wars), Gerhard (Cerebus), Anthony Del Col (Kill Shakespeare), Dr. J Andrew Deman – full schedule of workshops/speakers and special guest biographies available on website
  • Sponsored Kaleidoscope Collective for Professional Theatre and Nanowrimo
  • Event covered by The Record, SNAP, CBC Radio, The Cord, The Cord Community, Imprint and other radio/press

November 2014 – Change and long term

  • THE G33K ART SHOW is rebranded to ALTEKREA

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