June 17, 2015

Two more sleeps until the much anticipated Summer Lights Festival! This amazing night event brought in over 15 000 people in its inaugural year in 2014. We put on a multidisciplinary show with them last year while our artists represented the night market, and this year we will be going bigger with our programming in THEMUSEUM. See you there!


November 19, 2014

Oh goodness! 2 days until the opening gala! Craziness! We are being covered by press, racing around finishing the fine details and so much more! Stay tuned on our social media channels to see what’s going on!


October 9, 2014

We had such a BEAUTIFUL gallery reception for our Altekrea Gallery Exhibit last Thursday. The food, generously sponsored by Little Mushroom Catering was simply delicious, and everyone had such a wonderful time! Congratulations to Ally Rom Colthoff, who already has sold one of her pieces from the exhibit! The gallery is on through October at the Berlin Tower ARTSPACE inside the City Hall during their open hours – do check it out!



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