The Team

Miroki Tongstaff-miroki

Artistic Producer

Miroki Tong is a performer (theatre, film, singer, voiceover) and producer with professional international experience. Honoured with several awards for her endeavours, she regularly challenges herself to grow in an ever-changing industry, and seeks to build equity and sustainability in the arts. She is currently pursuing her MBA (Masters Business Administration) part time in addition to her work. Altekrea began as a passion project, and she is still amazed that it has grown to such a huge endeavour.
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Rob Da Silva


Rob “Rawbe” Da Silva is a child of the 80’s with early influences from Saturday morning cartoons, wacky ad campaigns and the abundance of pop culture and toy icons.

Rob, has dabbled in graffiti, tattoo design, illustration, t shirt design, toy design, paintings and repurposed media. Today you can find Rob painting on canvas and repurposed material reaching for inspiration from street art, urban illustration, graffiti and pop culture. He is also dedicated to reaching out to younger artists and creative minds to motivate, mentor and support their visions. He explains “If only I had a mentor or creative minded peer shadow to guide me as a creative youth, I believe that my confidence would have excelled and driven my artistic journey further.”

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Amanda Tong

Digital Marketing Manager

Honey Wahi

Digital Marketing Officer

Ben Steele

Assistant Producer

Ben joined the team for Altekrea 2016. He’s a common sight in his natural habitat, The Registry Theatre, and other theatres around the region as a technician, director, and the occasional dance stage manager. Ben is passionate about live theatre, pursuing a career in writing, and contributing to his community. When all the excitement calms down, he plans to continue working as a freelance web copywriter.

Aroshi Amarasinghe

Production Assistant

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Rashari Somerville-Henry

Production Assistant

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Gloria Song

MBA Non-Profit Practicum – Logistics

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Chris Hayes

MBA Non-Profit Practicum – Marketing

Jocelynne Lai

Administrative Assistant

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