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June 17-19 Downtown Kitchener Rotunda

Alternative ArtistsBreathtaking Acts | World Class Guests

Join us June 17-19 in he Downtown Kitchener Rotunda @ City Hall for a celebration of all things alternative. While you’re at it, check out all the exciting content at Summer Lights 2016, taking over King Street just outside!

Indulge Your Love of Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Comics

Downstairs in the Rotunda is our From Heroes and Reveries section, celebrating everything in genre culture!

Artists and exhibitors will share their love of video games, animation, fantasy and sci-fi as well as comics with festival visitors. It’s the kind of unique genre merch you won’t find in stores, plus a ton of awesome stuff to do. Not enough? We’ve got more for you.

Graphic novel artists with an auction of custom pieces. More? Whew, you’re a tough cookie, but we gotcha.

Complimentary workshops from Max The Mutt College of Animation and Design.

Psyched yet? Hold on — we’re not done!

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Dive into the Underground with Tattoo, Graffiti, Street Art & Punk

Brand new this year, we’re expanding our definition of alternative. Altekrea is proud to introduce From Binders and Bricks, upstairs in the Rotunda.

From punk to hip-hop to grunge, we’re all about celebrating art born in, and happening on the streets of Kitchener and cities just like it. Tattoo is art. Graffiti is art. We’re firm believers that artists come from all backgrounds and disciplines, and the outlet you choose for your creative energy shouldn’t be a barrier.

Are you, or do you want to check out unconventional artists? Then you need to be at Altekrea 2016.

Live tattoo work, sideshow acts like the bed of nails, and some rad as hell special guests punctuate this section of Altekrea.

Greg. Freaking. Mishka.

Greg. Freaking. Mishka.

Oh — you thought we weren’t serious about the whole ‘rad as hell’ special guest thing? I mean, maybe. It’s only the co-founder of МИШКА. Nbd. His clothes are only worn by Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley.)

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