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Vanessa Ricci-Thode —

Vanessa is a local fantasy author who will be crafting on-demand short stories at the festival.

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Becka Kinzie | The Becka —

Horror, scifi, and fantasy comic creator. Becka creates self published and online comics.

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Jessica Clayman | Twilight Rabbit Creations —

Whimsical artist with a medieval flare. Tarot, wands, toys, jewelry, paintings and more.

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Desirée Kern | Greyscale Studios —

Unique and surreal fantasy artwork in pen, pencil, acrylic and watercolour.


Sean Chappell | Sean Chappell Fine Art & Illustration —

Dark fantasy and surreal themed artwork, painting, illustration, drawing & mixed media.

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Kit Daven | Eager Eye Books —

Writer of short stories and full length novels, specializing in fantasy and science fiction.

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Amy Williams | Cheshire Grynne

Perler bead pixel art, bringing classic video game characters to life with key chains, magnets, and wall art.



T-Bone Forest | Glitch Artwork —

3-D video game shadow boxes in retro styles.

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Yuy Ren | RenBert Designs —

Custom “upcycled” musical instruments. Cigar box guitars, ukuleles, violins, amps. Cookie tin guitars and banjos.



Paul McKee | Art by Pawly —

Genre subject matter with a traditional tattoo art twist. Star Wars, Legend of Zelda prints with a unique flare.

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Andrew Heffron | Lab Monkey Number 9 —

Custom art toy sculptures made from the parts of other toys, and hand crafted parts.



Dan Gee | Dan Gees Art

Self taught local artist who paints Canadian wildlife with a unique twist Dan calls “acid funk animals.”

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Adam Schlegel | The Angry Beast —

Bootleg resin art toys. Telling new stories with old toys, remixing vintage and old creations.



Christina Marin | Super-Chi Studios —

Traditional media artist, ink, pencil, markers, with surreal themes. Ongoing action/scifi web comic.

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Catherine Dallaire | Catherine Dallaire Metis Art —

Metis artist who combines traditional woodland styles and symbols with modern subject matter and techniques.

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Propraetor | Atelier Propraetor —

Purveyor of dark visions and prophesies of hope for the survival of the human condition.

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Nivek | Kitchener Tattoo —

10 years in Kitchener. Custom drawn tattoos, and prints of paintings. Live tattooing at the festival.

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Ally Rom Colthoff | Varethane —

Graphic novel series, illustrations, commissions. Comic narrative storytelling with fine art influence.

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Darin Doerel | Drago Fugly

Fresh, original, custom clothing that represent our gritty city, night life, youth style and culture.

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Marcello Ciurleo Jr. | Makers and Creators —

Father son team, creating custom designer toys and collectibles, wood toys, and home decor pieces.


Mark Frank #MF15 | Pop Art and Collectables

Bright acrylic paint pixel art and prints, retro video game inspired pieces.



Shannon Alicia —

Psychologically charged works exploring the depths of the human condition and human emotion. Watercolour, drawing, photography, commissions.

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