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Visit Altekrea, Get a Tattoo While You’re At It

Hey tattoo enthusiasts — we’ve brought one of our favourite tattoo artists to Altekrea. And he’s going to be working live throughout the festival!

Nivek will be a part of our new Binders and Bricks section that will feature urban, tattoo and graffiti art, streetwear and more. Along with him you can find other artists of underground culture and media, showcasing art that happens in parlours, on streets and on the sides of buildings every day in urban environments. Visitors will be able to get inked on June 18th or 19th, but should book in advance as there are limited slots available.

Head on upstairs to the second floor of the Rotunda in Kitchener City Hall to check out all of our Binders and Bricks programming, including bed of nails acts and “staple money to me” acts with Erica Furness.

To secure your spot, you can set up an appointment with Nivek by email, phone or Facebook message. See you at the festival!

Phone: (519) 745-0184


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