Pitch Competition


Cheer on 7 Altekrea Artists as they pitch their way towards $2000!

Altekrea strives to encourage the creative and entrepreneurial minds in the arts. Do you believe in your work? Do you want to take your career to the next level? This year, 7 of our artists put themselves forward in submitting an application, portfolio and budget to be judged. And now, they stand on stage to share their vision with you.

The winner will receive $2000 in support of their endeavour, facilitated by a mentorship to optimize the use of the award.

NOW, do you want to try too?

As part of 2014 Altekrea efforts, we have a second reward available:

  • $200.00 cash in a bag, which requires a 4-6 minute pitch only (available to YOU)

Pitches will be delivered on the main stage during Altekrea in November to an arms-length panel of 5 jury members. You can incorporate physical visuals if desired; however, additional tech support will not be provided for any visual support.

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