Special Guests @ Altekrea 2016

Meet Our Special Guests.

Worldwide Brands. Rebellious Entrepreneurs.

Altekrea invites special guests from some of the biggest names in alternative creation to join our festival for three reasons.

  1. To fire up the Kitchener arts scene and the public with recognizable, ‘heavy hitter’ guests.
  2. To get our artists networking with true industry pros.
  3. Because they are so freakin’ cool.

Stay tuned to our social media and keep an eye on this page for announcements as we confirm our special guests. Exciting news is coming, don’t miss out!

Altekrea is proud to announce:

Greg Rivera | Scott Chantler | Adrian Alphona | Hugh Rookwood | Kent Burles | Max the Mutt


Greg Rivera aka Greg Mishka, co-founder of МИШКА.

Greg Mishka

МИШКА, master of the “unusual, divergent, and strange” is coming to Altekrea 2016. We are stoked to announce our guest of honour representing “From Binders and Bricks.”

Making is his first ever appearance in Ontario, Greg Rivera aka “Greg MISHKA,” is the co-founder and president of МИШКА streetwear founded in Brooklyn, New York and now internationally recognized in the punk and hiphop scene.This is an amazing opportunity to meet a cultural pioneer and true success story. “Keep watch” and “wear your weird!”

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Scott Chantler, Cartoonist.
Creator of Two Generals, one of Chapters-Indigo’s Best Books of 2010

Aspiring graphic novelists, take note! We’ve got a heavy hitting lineup of artists this year, and Scott is a freelance success you won’t want to miss.

“His first solo work, Northwest Passage, was nominated for an Eisner Award, the industry’s highest honour, as well as two Harvey Awards, three Joe Shuster Awards, and a Doug Wright Award.

Canadian literary institution McClelland & Stewart published his graphic memoir Two Generals, which was based on his grandfather’s experiences in the Second World War. It was nominated for two Eisner Awards, two Joe Shuster Awards, the Ontario Library Association’s White Pine Award for Non-Fiction, named as one of Chapters-Indigo’s Best Books of 2010, excerpted in Best American Comics 2012 (edited by Francoise Mouly) and listed by readers in CBC Canada Reads: True Stories as one of the top 40 Canadian non-fiction books of all time.”

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Adrian Alphona, Comic Book Artist & Creator
Co-creator of The Runaways and artist of Ms. Marvel

IAdrian_Alphona_2012t’s a good year to be a comic artist at Altekrea, because we’re doubling down on our lineup of big names on comics. We’re particularly excited to have Adrian back this year for his work on the latest Ms. Marvel comic. We love Kamala Khan, a diverse and complex heroine, who takes on a life of her own in the real world to fight against racism.

He spent some time working outside of the comics field after leaving The Runaways, but returned with a bang in 2013 with the new Ms. Marvel. We couldn’t be happier to know that he’s still going strong!

Adrian is a Canadian, and a previous guest of the festival. He epitomizes a Canadian success story in alternative arts, and we can’t wait to see him again. 🙂

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Hugh Rookwood, Illustrator & Animator
Head Illustrator of Apocalypse 4

Hugh is an independent illustrator and animator and an integral part of the creative team on Apocalypse 4.

“A product of Sheridan college’s Animation Course, Hugh is a professional illustrator for over 15 years has worked with various Independent and Mainstream companies from toy design to children’s books the variety has allowed for constant evolving in the Mixed media field.”

We love to have a mix of career artists at Altekrea, to demonstrate the many different paths to success. Hugh has maintained a successful freelance / independent career, and currently works out of his own studio. He’s pretty much living the artist’s dream, and we’re very excited to bring him to Kitchener to share his insight with our visitors and artists at Altekrea.

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Mountain Shark Rider

Kent Burles, Comic Book Artist
Sequential Arts Program Co-ordinator, Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design

3397882716_8b5c899b56_bKent is a great example of an artist who branched out into areas you might not have thought about! He doesn’t just do comics, he works in the role-playing game industry, and as an instructor to student artists. He has an impressive list of credits and we love him for teaching and inspiring new generations of artists.

“KENT BURLES is an illustrator whose love of the comic and fantasy genres led him into the comic and role-playing game industries. He worked with Malibu Comics on creating a series of Planet of the Apes comic books, as well as a series called The Adventurers. He has also worked on many role playing games by Fasa, Steve Jackson, White Wolf, and recently on Anvil Galaxy and Rifts for Palladium Books.”

Remember when we said this was going to be a good year for comic artists? We weren’t kidding. We’re very excited to bring Kent to our visitors and artists, not only for his industry knowledge but his significant teaching and program co-ordination experience.

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Max the Mutt
College of Animation, Art and Design

Max the Mutt is college that trains artists and animators for careers in a demanding industry. We’re really jazzed to be announcing these fine folks will be participating in the Altekrea Industry Workshop Series. It’s a chance for you to experience the kind of training the college provides first hand. If you’re a working artist, even if you’re not part of the festival, signing up for the industry series is your ticket to hard hitting professional development.

“Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design provides an environment in which students are encouraged to work hard to achieve their full potential. The school guarantees small class size with serious individual instruction by highly qualified instructors who are working professionals in their fields.  We believe in giving our students a solid, well rounded education, and the encouragement to help them develop as artists. At the same time, we expect students to conduct themselves in a professional manner which includes the ability to take direction, meet deadlines, work cooperatively, and fulfill responsibilities.  The development of good work habits is important in preparing for a successful career in animation, concept design, advertising, graphic design, art direction, comic books, or graphic novels.”

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