Getting to Altekrea 2016

Altekrea’s main events are held in the Rotunda at Kitchener City Hall.

Super Useful Parking Map

City Hall is in the heart of Kitchener and can easily be accessed from the following areas:


If you don’t live in KW, you may mot know that there is construction EVERYWHERE. Especially on King Street.

SO here are some tips to avoid detouring through the various circles of traffic hell:

  • Use Weber Street instead of King: Weber runs mostly parallel to King and will remain clear throughout construction.
  • Access parking on Duke Street (also parallel to King.)
  • Look for alternative parking on Joseph Street.

Access Downtown via Weber Street to Ontario or Frederick, or via Joseph Street to Ontario.

On Saturday, the following garages offer free parking:

  • Kitchener City Hall (access from King > Young)
  • Duke and Ontario (access from Weber > Ontario > Duke)
  • Charles and Benton (access off Charles)

The following surface lots are FREE after 5pm:

  • Behind 44 Gaukel St Building (at Joseph)
  • 28 Water St South (at Charles)
  • 40 Ontario St South (at Charles)

Take Exit hwy 7/8, stay right.

Continue on hwy 8 and stay left to take King St exit.

Stay straight.

City Hall will be on your right.

West End of Guelph:

Straight down Victoria Rd.

Turn left on King.

City Hall will be to your left.


South End Guelph:

Take Kossuth. It will turn into Fairview, Courtland.

Turn Right on Benton.

Turn left on King.

City Hall will be on your right.


Drive straight down King Street.

City Hall will be to your left.




Directions from Google


  • Take any of the number 7 buses (KW) or i-express (KW and Cambridge) to get to the terminal downtown.
  • Walk up Gaukel and City Hall is in front of you.

Attending Altekrea From Out of Town? No Problem!

There is plenty of affordable accommodation.

It’s getting easier and easier to find places to sleep for cheap, and even free. If you’re coming in to the festival from out of town, there are plenty of options in walking distance of Kitchener City Hall.

  • – for the low low low price of free, you can crash on a local’s couch for the weekend.
  • – A range of local rooms for rent, for a range of prices usually cheaper than a hotel.

*** The above websites try their best to keep everyone safe, but please be careful when staying in a stranger’s home. If you have any problems or don’t feel comfortable, the Altekrea staff will be happy to help you arrange alternative accommodation. ***

  • If you’re looking for something a little more comfortable for a little more money, there are hotels within walking distance. Just remember to check your favourite hotel booking service for cheap deals!
  • There is also a Kitchener-Waterloo lodging directory you can use to find other locations.

Remember! There are a lot of artists attending the festival. Check in with your fellow artistic contributors, as you may find someone with a couch or spare bedroom without the risk of staying with a complete stranger.


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