Artist Spotlight: Art By Pawly & Troopers for a Tomorrow

Artists Coming Together for a Cause!

We love it when our artists dive in and get involved with improving their communities. So our blog spotlight on our registered artists Art by Pawly is going to focus a lot on his fantastic not for profit efforts!


It’s called Troopers for a Tomorrow. Through the raffle, you can enter to win a series of AMAZING custom storm trooper helmets. Like these:




We are really pleased to have Pawly with us at Altekrea. His genre inspired tattoo art prints are to die for. This blog editor’s personal favourite is the lightsabers. This marriage of different alternative art forms is what this year at Altekrea is all about. Bringing together people who love titles like Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda, and the aesthetics of tattoo art really speak to us.

Check out Troopers for a Tomorrow

Take a look at Pawly’s work.

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One comment on “Artist Spotlight: Art By Pawly & Troopers for a Tomorrow
  1. Robin McLean says:


    I’m searching for contact information for anyone with Troopers for a Tomorrow. Can you help?

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