Meet Catherine Dallaire – Altekrea Artist Spotlight

Catherine Dallaire | Company: Catherine Dallaire Metis Art

“… if two different art styles can work together in harmony, so too can we find a way for different cultures and nature and technology to meet peacefully with each other.”  

Everyone struggles wit79ebac_4be9fb450e6b4a36a680c8dcff4cb592h a universal question: Who am I? For many of us, it’s a life-long journey to find answers. And if we’re lucky, we find peace with being more than just one thing. Being of Metis heritage, Catherine has invested many years of her life reviving her indigenous culture and delving deeper into her ancestry to deepen her understanding of herself. Catherine’s artwork is a powerfully poetic representation of two seemingly contrasted elements – Woodland and contemporary realism techniques – coming together to create a beautiful new piece, with each element complementing the other. She strikes a beautiful balance between the many shades of herself, while sending a greater message.

Cat79ebac_82815872bb9e42bf88221125fd5f2792herine’s art is a reminder that we never have to be one thing, or feel like mismatched parts of different wholes. Being different means that we are able to offer something the world has never seen before. And at Altekrea, there is always a home for the alternative.

We’re excited to have Catherine Dallaire joining us as one of Altekrea’s artists at the festival this summer, June 17-19.

Check out Catherine Dallaire’s Metis Artwork! She has been working professionally and her work has been featured internationally.



See more of Catherine’s beautiful work at her website.

Follow her:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

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Live Tattoo @ Altekrea With Nivek

We’re thrilled to be bringing in Nivek from Kitchener Tattoo to do live tattooing this year at Altekrea.

Nivek will be a part of our new Binders and Bricks section that will feature urban, tattoo and graffiti art, streetwear and more. Along with him you can find other artists of underground culture and media, showcasing art that happens in parlours, on streets and on the sides of buildings every day in urban environments. Visitors will be able to get inked on June 18th or 19th, but should book in advance as there are limited slots available.

To secure your spot, you can set up an appointment with Nivek by email, phone or Facebook message. See you at the festival!

Phone: (519) 745-0184


Website | Facebook | Instagram

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MISHKA, And All The Celebrities Who Wear It

So if you’ve been following our activity, you’ll know that we’re bringing an epic special guest to Altekrea 2016– Greg Rivera, co-founder of MISHKA.

Greg. Freaking. Mishka.

Greg. Freaking. Mishka.

He’s half the brains behind a global clothing brand that gets a lot more celebrity love than you might realize. Actors, comedians, and hip-hop artists alike love to show some MISHKA pride by wearing the designs. We’re going to break it down for you, and show you some of the high profile people that don their sweet apparel.

At Altekrea you’ll have the opportunity not only to meet Greg, but to bask in his experience during an exclusive workshop series on Saturday afternoon. The workshops are lead by a variety of professional artists and startup / entrepreneur specialists. So if you’re looking to take your art to the next level, and get some insider perspectives on what it takes to make it as an arts entrepreneur you don’t want to miss the Industry Workshop Series.

You don’t have to be an artist to sign up for the workshop series, but becoming an Altekrea artist means a chance to rub shoulders with Greg, plus a whole host of other awesome opportunities. We don’t just give you a table and forget about you, we invite our special guests, as well as run competitions and workshops for the express purpose of helping you jump-start your arts career. There isn’t much time left, applications close on May 18th.

Apply to be an Altekrea Artist.

Official announcement of the workshops coming soon. For now, take a look at all those celebrities we promised you!


John C Reilly | Actor


Rupert Grint | Actor | Harry Potter


Blake Anderson | Actor, Comedian | Workaholics









Ruby Rose | Actress, singer, DJ | Orange is the New Black








Andy Milonakis | Actor, Comedian


Action Bronson | Hip-Hop Artist, Celebrity Chef














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Meet Becka Kinzie – Altekrea Artist Spotlight

Becka Kinzie | Company: The Becka Comics

Meet Becka Kinzie! She is a webcomic artist that creates online comics with original storylines and vibrant illustrations. Follow the story of a group of friends as they venture into a mysterious lot on an abandoned beach in her newest comic Gehenna: Death Valley. Becka’s eclectic work has been featured at exhibits such as WFAC’s Fantasy and Gothika Art Exhibit as well as Altekrea.

Here are some of her illustrations:




We’re excited to announce that Becka will joining us at Altekrea this summer, June 17-19. Check out her work live at the festival, and meet the face behind the art! Many artists like Becka will be joining us at the Downtown Kitchener Rotunda, and we’d love to welcome you too. Apply here.

See more of her fantastic work at her website.

Follow her:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

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Your Art Displayed @ Cafe Pyrus

Hey Altekrea Artists!IMG_20160418_012159

Have you checked out the Altekrea exhibit going on at Café Pyrus? If you’re a registered artist with Altekrea, you have an opportunity to display your art at the cafe.

The rotating exhibit changes every month, and we’re gearing up for May. So if you’re a Registered Artist with Altekrea, download the attached form, fill it out and email it back to us to sign up and have your art displayed!


And if you’re NOT a Registered Artist with Altekrea, what are you waiting for? Apply!

Café Pyrus is a busy restaurant that is frequented by many different types of people who will be able to admire your artwork while they enjoy their meal, and the exhibit may even encourage them to come out to the festival in June to see more of your work!

IMG_20160412_182824The deadline to sign up is Monday, April 25th and a date will be communicated shortly on when we’ll need the artwork dropped off for the exhibit. There will be a dropoff location both in Kitchener and Toronto.

To sign up, download and complete this artist information form, and them email it to

Just click the link, and the form should download automatically. 🙂

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Marketing/Outreach Manager

Position in a nutshell:logo-abbrev

  • Digital, print and interpersonal marketing skills ideal
    • Will also work with two current digital marketing managers
  • Timely understanding of deadlines including, but not limited to
    • Print deadlines
    • Social media deadlines
  • Understand consumer needs
  • Ability to track data – understand Google Analytics
  • Innovative and ability to generate original ideas
  • Strong market research skills, from primary to tertiary sources
  • Develop media lists and connect with appropriate media platforms
  • Set up and organize interviews
  • Liaise with Logistics/Hospitality to achieve optimal timeliness and action plans
  • Audience research, outreach and sponsorship including, but not limited to
    • Recognizing sponsors
    • Developing content
    • Developing audience outreach
  • Sponsor prospecting and outreach
    • Cold prospecting new sponsors
    • Reconnecting with warm prospects
    • Re-establish contact with previous sponsors
    • Develop relationships
    • Set up meetings with key players
  • Create and develop partnerships with the community
  • Exceptional phone and interpersonal skills – not afraid to cold call
  • Drum up excitement in the community
  • Innovative – can create ideas to engage public
  • Liaise with Logistics Officer to maintain timeline efficiency and execution
  • Youth outreach
    • Ideally secure a youth lead to connect with community
    • School outreach – highschool and post secondary

Paid Contract: February – End of June

Applications must include:

  • Letter of interest (tell us why you want to join the family!)
  • Position you’re applying for
  • Resume
  • References

Applications to be emailed to Miroki Tong –


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Volunteer Coordinator

Position in a nutshell:logo-abbrev

  • Logistical management of building volunteer base
  • Actively recruit volunteers
  • Build schedules for volunteer shifts
  • Liaise with Logistics Officer to manage volunteer necessities and deadlines
  • Liaise with Outeach Officer to develop recruiting tactics and generate excitement with volunteer base
  • Leverage volunteer base to build community and free publicity

Applications must include:

  • Letter of interest (tell us why you want to join the family!)
  • Position you’re applying for
  • Resume
  • References

Paid Contract: February – End of June

Applications to be emailed to Miroki Tong –

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Logistics/Hospitality Manager

Position in a nutshell:logo-abbrev

  • Strong organizational skills – ability to multitask and work in a high pressure environment
  • Manage contracts between artists, guests and contractors
    • Artist contracts
    • Guest contracts
    • NDAs
  • Exceptional communication skills to liaise between multiple stakeholders, public and staff including, but not limited to
    • Electronic communication
    • Phone skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • HR management
  • Manage craft services and other hospitality services including, but not limited to
    • Meals for artists/guests
    • Hotel/accommodations
  • Ability to develop timelines and actions plans to meet goals
  • Ability to recognize and fill in logistical gaps necessary to complete tasks and achieve goals
  • Access to own vehicle is mandatory for this position

Paid Contract: February – End of June

Applications must include:

  • Letter of interest (tell us why you want to join the family!)
  • Position you’re applying for
  • Resume
  • References

Applications to be emailed to Miroki Tong –

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Assistant Producer



Position in a nutshell:

  • First point of contact and authority after the Artistic Producer
  • Fast learner – driven to learn about Altekrea’s mandate, strategy and build the festival
  • Have an understanding of the arts and culture scene in the Region
  • Exceptional organizational, communication and networking skills
    • Strong, positive energy, driven and ability to hustle
    • Intuitive ability to read a room and interact with people
  • Strong logistical and creative skills
    • Can manage spreadsheets (budget, information)
    • Financial management skills an asset
    • Strong problem solving skills
  • Can work in an extremely high pressure, demanding and fast paced environment
  • Ability to meet deadlines with great efficiency
  • Can integrate historical information of Altekrea to generate effective strategies for 2016
  • Strong management skills – HR management
  • Passionate about alternative arts, and building the creative sector in the Waterloo Region
  • Access to own vehicle is mandatory for this position

Paid Contract: February – End of June

Applications must include:

  • Letter of interest (tell us why you want to join the family!)
  • Position you’re applying for
  • Resume
  • References

Applications to be emailed to Miroki Tong –

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Exclusive Invite to Art Event at CIGI

A little while ago, CIGI had put out a really powerful art contest to the community. The entries went in, selections were made, and now they are celebrating the winners! If you have not ever been to the CIGI campus, this is an amazing venue, with many opportunities to meet new artists and people. See the invite below:


You are cordially invited to attend a special community event, hosted by the Centre for International Governance Innovation with generous support from The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation – The Musagetes Fund, to celebrate the winners of the CIGI Community Art Contest.

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, the winning submissions, as chosen by a distinguished panel of judges from throughout the Region of Waterloo, will be publicly announced and displayed at the CIGI Campus. Each of the winning pieces speaks to CIGI’s global research themes and the innovative spirit of the local region.

During the event, grand prize winners will be awarded certificates of achievement and cash prizes.

This special event begins at 7:00 p.m. in the CIGI Campus Auditorium with remarks by Shirley Madill, executive director of the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, followed by acknowledgements from CIGI President and juror Rohinton Medhora, and the announcement of the winning pieces. After the announcement, all guests are invited to a cash-bar reception in the CIGI Campus Foyer from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. where the winning artworks will be on display.

To register for this free community event, visit

If you cannot join us in person but would like to watch the announcement, we invite you to join the webcast at the same link above.

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