Apply Now for 2016


Applications are Open for 2016!

Round 3 Applications are now open, and we invite artists from all disciplines to apply.

This is the final round for Altekrea 2016!

Deadline: May 18th, 2016 | IMPORTANT! Due to multiple opportunities that will be available to registered artists through April/May, we will be accepting Round 3 applicants on a rolling basis.

Download the application below.


While we wish we could be uber tech advanced, we’re a small team with a lot to do! Thank you for filling out forms the old fashioned way. Ways to fill out the form on the computer include:

  • Photoshop (or your favourite graphic program)
  • Tablet if your Adobe Acrobat has stylus capabilities

Ways to have a happy hybrid of print and computer:

  • Print out a form, fill it out, take clear pictures/scan, send it back! You can zip up pages into one PDF with many online apps!

Of course, we love good old fashioned mail too C:


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