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ALTEKREA starts with an opening gala on the evening of June 17th, a great opportunity for networking and celebrating artists. On the day of Saturday the 18th, an exclusive Industry Series will be featured in the daytime. The exhibition itself will run at night on the 18th as part of the Summer Lights Festival from 8pm to 1am, and then continue independently the next day on Sunday June 19th, in daytime hours. 

Kim Flynn, 2012, 2013, 2014

Kim Flynn – 2012, 2013, 2014

How many people do you think will come?

ALTEKREA has historically brought in between 1500-2000 attendees. With our new partnership with Summer Lights Festival, we look forward to attracting over 15,000 people to the downtown city core, from around the region and surrounding cities such as Guelph and Mississauga.

What is Summer Lights Festival? 

Summer Lights is a weekend street festival that invites people from all ages and walks of life to enjoy arts and culture in a fun and interactive environment. Over the weekend it will occupy 8 blocks of the downtown Kitchener core, delivering everything from acoustic performers to snacks on wheels.

What kind of things can be sold at ALTEKREA?

Any creative project that you think represents alternative art forms. Items can include anything from comics, art prints and sketch cards to buttons, jewelry, plushies etc. This year ALTEKREA is expanding with “Binders and Bricks” – a space dedicated to art that has been typically considered urban or underground, such as graffiti art, tattoo design, silk screen t-shirts etc.

We also highly support and welcome creative mediums such as film, literary, music, sculpture & others.

What do you mean by original art?

ALTEKREA wishes to encourage creativity in the arts. This means creating work that is your own, and not a reinterpretation of someone else’s (ie. Fanart). We encourage  artists to try and submit some original work if you can.

We recognize that there are iconic characters (ie. Spider Man, Harry Potter) that inspire us and help us draw customers, and will take it into consideration in the application form. As part of our mandate, ALTEKREA will always choose to foster the careers of emerging artists.

If I don’t have any original art, does that mean I will not be accepted?

We see every application as unique and individual. Even if all your artwork is based off existing concepts, it may not mean that your works are not unique. Everything from the medium that you choose, the layout, to the finished product will determine originality. We always encourage you to apply!

I make plushies/pins/sketch cards based on existing works. Is that considered original?

If you believe that your chosen medium is what is original about your work, please state it clearly in your application. It will most certainly be taken into consideration.

What sort of professional development will be available for us as exhibitors/artists?  

Networking opportunities, industry professional panels and business development workshops are in the works for 2016. We want you to shine! If you want to learn something in particular, like how to pitch, budget your expenses, or upgrade your marketing, let us know so that we can help.

Can I help facilitate the workshops/panels?

If you feel like you have something you can contribute, or know industry experts who can help, please feel free to get in touch with us. Space may be limited for hired facilitators, however, we always welcome feedback and suggestions.

Alright, I’ve been accepted! Now what?

You will be transferred onto our Artist email listing – please pay attention to these emails as they arrive, as they will contain crucial information for promotion, updates, and further requests for artist/exhibitor details. If you applied for a Special Table (the larger space), you must submit your images for our promotional material by the listed deadline.

For most current updates, be sure to follow our social media channels!

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