Descendants Brewery Beer Label Competition


And the winner is… Kim Flynn!


After a long, long, decision, Descendants will be honoured and excited to feature Kim Flynn’s unique design on this year’s Altekrea beer.

Owners Robin and Lee Brooks surprised themselves with how much they loved this particular design. They were impressed with how the crown on the original Descendants logo was integrated into the graphic, as well as the organic shape and the reference to beer’s origins.

They describe the image as “barley nestled in the womb/heart of a fiery teardrop.” Water is a really important symbol for Descendants, given that beer is made from water, and the company hopes to focus on water charities in the future.

And midst these great beer references, is still a strong mystical and fantasy-like landscape that encapsulates what Altekrea stands for.

Artist Kim Flynn said she tried to keep the element of mystery when she created this image, “All the previous characters were masked or shrouded.” An artist with Altekrea since 2012, entering the competition was a fun way for her to still be involved while she teaches in Korea this year. She is extremely excited to have her beer label/coaster debut!

Honourable Mentions

Paul McKee - AK 2016

Paul McKee – AK 2016

Ally Rom Colthoff

Ally Rom Colthoff

Cristina Marin

Cristina Marin – AK 2016

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