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Eight competitors, five judges, live pitches accompanied by many pages of portfolio and budget papers. There was so much talent at our inaugural pitch portfolio competition. The judges sat for many hours in debate after the festival. We are proud to announce that the winner is…


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Here are what the judges say:

I think Christina’s work was strong aesthetically and she is already producing a high quality comic. I look forward to seeing how she will develop her craft as a visual artist and her abilities as a story teller. She has shown incredible commitment and demonstrates the qualities of entrepreneurship that make a winning combination in a competition like this. I chose her because she is an emerging artist and feel that our support will have a significant impact in her growth and I am excited to see what is next for her. The fact that the money will go to support her next issue and get it out into the public is satisfying and I think if she can use any of the funds awarded her to seek further training in entrepreneurial skills that include financial planning, I think that would be money well spent. Christina will represent the Altekrea culture and vision in a most satisfying way. What an excellent first year winner. She sets a high standard for this competition and also represents the spirit with which this award has been conceived.

Congratulations, Cristina,Ghost Print

Among the finalists, you received high marks from me for the appeal of your art in _Ball and Chain_, plus your work is a fitting representative for Altekrea.  Your project is well underway, and your convincing onstage presentation showed that you are quite able to realize your goal.  I feel confident that the funds and hopefully the mentoring by Miroki Tong will assist you well in your career.”

I selected Christina Marin for the Altekrea Pitch Portfolio Prize because the art work and writing in “Ball & Chain” was quite strong. In addition, I appreciated the work’s strong female protagonist in the context of larger social concerns about the status of women. Finally, I felt that the nature of her project was consistent with the aesthetic and priorities of the Altekrea Festival.

Cristina’s presence on the stage and her confidence delivering her art project pitch was impressive. Her artwork in ball and chain is visually appealing and well-written. Her persistence pursuing her project goals and her adoption of an alternative art form that bears a social message are apparent, Congratulations Cristina and best of luck we hope that this prize and the mentorship opportunity will help you pursue your goals.

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