Meet Sean Chappell – Altekrea Artist Spotlight

Sean Chappell | Company: Sean Chappell Fine Art & Illustration + Kit Daven

Fantastical and surrealistic sights are the centre of Sean Chappell’s vibrant creations. Each of Sean’s pieces comes alive with elements of the human and animal world giving life to whimsical characters, and putting a twist on nature. Birds, trees, and the human body in a fantasy universe unlike you’ve ever seen before. Flipping through each piece of artwork is like entering a brand new dark fantasy universe. If the eccentric pieces don’t get to you, then perhaps the careful detailing, texturing and colouring will.

Sean Chappell is joining us this summer as an Altekrea Artist this summer, June 17-19.

Sean’s talent speaks for himself in some of these amazing pieces:DeathPigBlinders72DPI300tall

Sean will also be running an art creation workshop, where you’ll get to dip your toes into new realms of artistic expression, with Sean on hand to guide you through tips and tricks of using various techniques.


Hi all. Are you an artist looking for an edge? Are you feeling a little stagnant in your current practice? Maybe you want to find a new way to express yourself but aren’t sure where to turn? Maybe you’re finding your artwork too cumbersome or time consuming to complete? Not to worry! Come to this one hour workshop hosted by Sean Chappell and try out some new forms of expression. Maybe one of them will be right for you. Acrylics; airbrushing; gouache; pens and pencils; markers and much more will be available for you to try out. Sean will be on hand to guide you through all the stations that will be operating. Listen to his trials and tribulations while working to hone his own practice. With nuggets of advice and information on art materials of all kinds, this is one workshop you won’t want to miss!”

Check out more of Sean’s work on his social media!

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