Play With New Forms of Expression! Host Sean Chappell

Sunday’s programming at Altekrea is going to be jam-packed. Today we’re focusing on an hour long art workshop lead by a brilliant artist and supporter of the festival. He’s bringing a wide variety of artistic tools for you to play with. Acrylics, airbrushes, gouache, pens and pencils, markers and much more! It’s time to experiment, try out new methods of creation and remove the boundaries on your creativity.


Maybe you’re looking for a new edge, or feel a little stagnant in your current practice. Just want to find new ways of expressing yourself? Or maybe you want to expand your set of artistic tools but don’t want to invest in professional gear before you’ve had a chance to get a feel for them.

Sean will be on hand throughout the hour long workshop to guide you through using new tools. He’ll also be talking about his own trials and tribulations on his journey to hone his practice. He’ll be pleased to provide you with as much advice as you need while you’re working with new art materials, based on his own eclectic experiences.

Your level of experience doesn’t matter at all, this is an opportunity for amateurs and pros alike to get their hands on things they’ve always wanted to try, or perhaps never knew they needed.

This is one of many workshops offered by Altekrea, and one strong reason to come back and see us on Sunday June 19. Keep an eye on this blog and follow our social media to catch news of all the content we will be offering over the weekend. Head on over to the sidebar and you’ll see a newsletter signup form, which is the quickest way of keeping appraised of major news from Altekrea.

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