Special Guest: Adrian Alphona, Artist Behind Ms. Marvel, Our Favourite Super Heroine

There are so, so many reasons that we love Kamala Khan, the latest hero to take up the mantle of Ms. Marvel.

For starters, she’s a Muslim American Woman, the first Muslim American character to have her own series. As you can tell from our logos, we love kick-butt women. Plus, Altekrea is all about alternative forms of art. So there’s a lot for us to love about a character who doesn’t get a lot of representation (or not the right kind) in Western media.

Another reason Kamala is close to our heart is her creators. The team behind her is diverse, and she is at times an expression of the voice of the editor — a Pakistani-American woman. Sana Amanat has a lot to say about how Kamala is partially based on her own experiences, and how she has become a character that a great number of Americans in minority groups can relate to due to that personal touch.

As if we needed more reasons to adore Kamala, last year she jumped out of the pages of her comic to join the fight against real life racism. Plastered over anti-Muslim bus ads, Kamala began to take on a political life of her own.

Adrian_Alphona_2012For SO MANY reasons, we are extremely excited to be bringing Adrian Alphona, co-creator of The Runaways and the artist behind Kamala to Altekrea. We think Adrian helps to demonstrate the power of alternative art forms to connect people, and their ongoing relevance in our struggle with identity, racism, and belonging.

We’re very grateful to have Adrian’s support once again, as he is a returning guest! Altekrea’s not-so-little community is growing, and after 6 years we’re so incredibly grateful to all the guests and artists who decide to stick with us. We’re upping the ante this year, so be sure to check us out June 17-19.

Here’s the full line-up of super-cool special guests.

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