Special Guest: Hugh Rookwood, Freelance Artist Extrordinaire

All artists are self-made successes, but there are a wide variety of career paths. Some choose to settle down with a company that they work well with. Others choose to remain freelance and strike out on their own or with partners. We’re don’t make a judgement between these two roads and all the little footpaths in between, so we like to include a healthy mix of career artists in our special guest lineup.

Hugh Rookwood is on the freelance road. He runs his own studio and collaborates with other artists on an independent project called Apocalypse 4.


Hugh2Hugh isn’t just a great artist, he’s a savvy businessman who surrounds himself with people who have the talent, experience, and drive to get projects done. The team working on Apocalypse 4 is all-star, and his co-owned studio produces work for corporate entities as well as artsy commissions. It’s the type of business success we love to see at Altekrea, and we think that Hugh has a lot to teach emerging artists about the business of being an entrepreneur.

And then there’s Apocalypse 4, a stunning series of graphic novels that leave us in awe of Hugh’s skills as an illustrator. We can’t wait to introduce you all to Hugh!

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