Special Guest: Kent Burles, Fostering the Next Generation of Artists

It doesn’t get much more deliciously nerdy than Kent. His expansive list of credits doesn’t just include comics, but RPGs as well. He’s worked on crazy-cool titles like Planet of the Apes by Malibu Comics, and staple RPG names like White Wolf.

Mountain Shark Rider

3397882716_8b5c899b56_bAs we’re sure you know by now, Altekrea isn’t just about celebrating art. It’s about artist professional development. We want our artists to come out of Altekrea with energized careers, and Kent is a big part of that process. He co-ordinates the Sequential Art Program at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art, and Design. Kent has a direct hand in training new generations of artists, teaching them about not only their craft, but the state of the industry and what it takes to survive. A special guest lineup isn’t complete without people like Kent, who work to give young people the tools to be the next great artists — the next Marvel illustrators, the next collaborative entrepreneurs.

Kent will be leading a workshop on Sunday June 19 as part of the festival. So make sure you come back after Saturday night for our Sunday programming, because we’re not slowing down on the third day.

Full programming schedule can be found here, check back for regular updates as we lock in guests and performers!

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