Special Guest: Scott Chantler, Using Graphic Novels to Teach and Inspire


Anyone who still scoffs at cartoons, comics, and graphic novels needs to be introduced to Scott’s work. He’s a cartoonist that has won awards for his work in genres such as non-fiction and YA fiction.


His graphic novel Two Generals “was nominated for two Eisner Awards, named one of Chapters-Indigo’s Best Books of 2010, selected for BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2012, and named by the CBC as one of the 40 best Canadian non-fiction books of all time.”

Two Generals is a heartfelt graphic novel about the experiences of Scott’s grandfather during WWII. But Scott’s power to teach doesn’t end there. His series of graphic novels for younger kids and teens has been featured in the Canadian Teacher Magazine, as part of PHD student Brianne MacLaren-Ross’ research. The Three Thieves series was featured as an example of works that help promote the “multiple and critical literacies” of students in the classroom.

Using the arts to teach, rather than teaching about them has become a popular topic in academic circles and we really love that alternative art forms like graphic novels are getting attention. Scott is a great example of how the arts can serve multiple social purposes, from reflecting on our history to inspiring new generations of artists, writers, and critical thinkers. Literacy as a concept is changing. As businesses move to the visual world of the internet, design philosophy, visual literacy, and understanding ways in which we consume multiple forms of information at once are becoming key factors to success.

WebsitePicAltekrea is all about professional development. We like to invite guests who are professional successes, sure, but we focus on guests who give back to their community. Scott is a solid example of both, and we can’t wait to introduce you to him at Altekrea 2016.

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