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Meet Becka Kinzie – Altekrea Artist Spotlight

Becka Kinzie | Company: The Becka Comics Meet Becka Kinzie! She is a webcomic artist that creates online comics with original storylines and vibrant illustrations. Follow the story of a group of friends as they venture into a mysterious lot on

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Sketch Bag Press

Don Davie and Kyle Ohallan have been collectively making fun of politics and corporate culture for over a year. Rather than adding yet another political blog, they decided to make fun of these events the only way they knew how

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The ShanMonster

The self-described crazy art jock, is seriously a woman of all colours ranging from one extreme to another, and in no other way than with full force! As teacher, life learner and all out doer-of-things, this girl is bringing a

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Minute to Minute

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