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Meet Catherine Dallaire – Altekrea Artist Spotlight

Catherine Dallaire | Company: Catherine Dallaire Metis Art “… if two different art styles can work together in harmony, so too can we find a way for different cultures and nature and technology to meet peacefully with each other.”  

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Live Tattoo @ Altekrea With Nivek

We’re thrilled to be bringing in Nivek from Kitchener Tattoo to do live tattooing this year at Altekrea. Nivek will be a part of our new Binders and Bricks section that will feature urban, tattoo and graffiti art, streetwear and

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MISHKA, And All The Celebrities Who Wear It

So if you’ve been following our activity, you’ll know that we’re bringing an epic special guest to Altekrea 2016– Greg Rivera, co-founder of MISHKA. He’s half the brains behind a global clothing brand that gets a lot more celebrity love than

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Meet Becka Kinzie – Altekrea Artist Spotlight

Becka Kinzie | Company: The Becka Comics Meet Becka Kinzie! She is a webcomic artist that creates online comics with original storylines and vibrant illustrations. Follow the story of a group of friends as they venture into a mysterious lot on

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Marketing/Outreach Manager

Position in a nutshell: Digital, print and interpersonal marketing skills ideal Will also work with two current digital marketing managers Timely understanding of deadlines including, but not limited to Print deadlines Social media deadlines Understand consumer needs Ability to track

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Volunteer Coordinator

Position in a nutshell: Logistical management of building volunteer base Actively recruit volunteers Build schedules for volunteer shifts Liaise with Logistics Officer to manage volunteer necessities and deadlines Liaise with Outeach Officer to develop recruiting tactics and generate excitement with

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Logistics/Hospitality Manager

Position in a nutshell: Strong organizational skills – ability to multitask and work in a high pressure environment Manage contracts between artists, guests and contractors Artist contracts Guest contracts NDAs Exceptional communication skills to liaise between multiple stakeholders, public and

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Exclusive Invite to Art Event at CIGI

CIGI Community Art Contest winners are celebrated at this great event.

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Application Deadline September 30 to Showcase Art in the Jazz Room

A fantastic opportunity for our local artists, and perhaps our artists from out of town as well! The Jazz Room is one of Kitchener-Waterloo’s more popular locations, featuring great music in a really cool place. Check it out!

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Sisters in Art

A collection of artists, best friends and geeks, Laura Renwick, Carmen Peters and Cat Soza are Sisters in Art! These three works, made digitally, drawn or painted, showcase our different artistic styles and techniques.While each has a different focus, these

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